Quality Policy

DOWEL Innovation, Cooperative Society SCOP S.A.S, assists its customers in the implementation of processes that transform initiatives into innovations and new and profitable activities for the company that promotes them.

Our customers satisfied by our services are the best allies of the sustainability of the SCOP, in particular, by the testimonials they can bring on the results achieved with our support, and the new prospects they can convince of our added value.

Values such as attentiveness, cooperation, transparency, curiosity, self-demanding and the high standards of quality of the services delivered by DOWEL Innovation are an integral part of the company's identity, legitimacy and reputation. 

DOWEL is therefore constantly seeking to maximize the quality of the services provided, perceived by its customers, and to detect as quickly as possible, any element that would alter this perception.

The Quality Objectives for DOWEL are: 

  • to implement customer satisfaction measures that allow to quantify the response to expectations expressed or not (explicit or tacit),
  • to derive better productivity,
  • to perpetuate ISO 9001 :2015 certification.

The Management of DOWEL Innovation is committed to all staff, and in particular with the Quality Coordinator:

  • to analyze and understand the feedback of its customers on the quality of the provided services,
  • to implement corrective measures in the short or medium term,
  • to make available to its customers, improvements deemed reliable to its production processes (training, assistance, shared-cost contracts).

Beyond the results perceived by our customers, the continuous improvement of our processes and the experience sharing are key elements promoting the involvement of employees, taking initiative and increasing skills.



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