About Us

“Small but strong” is probably what best characterises us!

Our story:

DOWEL Innovation is a cooperative company with 7 employees, specialising in innovation strategy and management. It was set up in 2020 to take over the activities of DOWEL Management (formerly TECHNOFI) within a new, fully collaborative organisation.
Dowel team
Our mission

Our mission

to support the development of sustainable innovations for the energy and ecological transition.

We have recognised experience in project definition, proposal writing (for funding) and management of collaborative projects, and more generally in all services relating to the various phases of the innovation life cycle. We specialise in low-carbon energy systems and sustainable buildings and cities.

Our vision

Our vision

Bringing meaning and serenity to our employees and partners

In a society where everything is speeding up, and where the loss of meaning is an increasingly important issue, we do everything we can to carry out our mission with pragmatism and sobriety, in complete transparency and trust with our clients and partners. We work as a team, in a spirit of collaboration and mutual support, and place quality of life at work at the heart of our concerns.

Our values

attentiveness, cooperation, transparency, high standards and curiosity: these are the values that unite us!


Attentiveness:People have two ears and a mouth; they must listen twice as much as they speak ” according to Confucius. Active listening plays a central role in the consultancy profession, and is also essential when working as part of a team.


Cooperation: We work as a team, bringing ideas that benefit the company, customers and partners. European collaborative projects are our DNA: since the 2000s our consultants have been working with organisations all over Europe.


Transparency: With us, no hidden agendas! We work in complete transparency with our clients and partners, and advocate transparency within our company thanks to a cooperative and collaborative organisation, where every employee can choose to become a partner.

High standards

High standards: The satisfaction of our clients and partners is our priority, and to achieve this we are demanding of ourselves and of others, because the quality of our work is what makes us different. We are also ISO 9001 certified.


Curiosity: the desire to learn more and more, to work on new subjects and new missions is what drives us. We have set ourselves the goal of exploring new areas: the humanities and social sciences, cultural heritage, the role of art in the social acceptance of innovation, biodiversity… and more to come!

Our actions for the transition

The ecological transition is at the heart of our business and our values. We are committed to sustainable development on a daily basis, because even if we feel small, many small streams make one big river! We do not have a grand CSR policy, but we take action with the means at our disposal, for example by rationalising our business travels to reduce our carbon footprint, and through projects that make sense for our employees.

Since 2023, we have decided to devote part of our profits to funding local projects to offset carbon emissions, support biodiversity or solidarity. The project to which we are contributing financially for 2023-2024 is the PRIME project of NaturDive Association, which aims to restore Posidonia seagrass beds off the coast of Cannes.

Our values

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