Quality policy

« A cooperative society that brings serenity and meaning to its team and partners»

DOWEL Innovation, Cooperative Society, assists its customers in implementing processes that transform initiatives into innovations and new, profitable activities for the companies that promote them. Customers who are satisfied with our services are our best allies, through their testimonials on the results achieved, and through the new prospects they bring us.

In a society where everything is speeding up, and where the loss of meaning is increasing, we do everything we can to carry out our mission with pragmatism and sobriety, in complete transparency and trust with our customers and partners. We work as a team, in a spirit of collaboration and mutual support, and place quality of life at work at the heart of our responsiilities.

Our values are listening, cooperation, transparency, curiosity and self-demand. They are reflected in the high quality of our services.

We are constantly seeking to improve our processes, to maximise the quality of our services, to ensure the well-being of our employees and to detect as quickly as possible any factor that might alter our expectations.

The continuous improvement of the quality management system is achieved through the involvement of each and every one of us, by sharing experience, encouraging initiative and providing training.

Together with the whole team, I am committed to doing everything necessary to achieve the expected results.


Valbonne, February 1st 2023

Athanase Vafeas